1 Oz Small CBD Buds: 11% to 21.5% CBD

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Small CBD buds are a great economic option. With our small CBD hemp buds you get the same flower strains to grind up and smoke at half the price! Please note that this "small bud" value product is similar to what some would call "shake." It may contain more stems or seeds than would be expected in the full-priced hemp flower.

Our customer Tim says:

“This truly is an incredible deal. I’ve been buying from PJ for a long time now, and normally just pick up a bag of the regular nugs. I won’t be doing that anymore! Grabbed an oz of Electra and came in very fresh, not a lot of leaves, stems, or seeds. If you know you’ll go through an oz and have a fav strain, just do this deal!”

(COA is attached under each strains link)

935 Reviews

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    Posted by Lori Renfro on Nov 27th 2020

    The cbg is great! Its super chill and it really helps me get to sleep. It definitely helps to relax when my mind doesn't want to shut off. The buds are small but they are buds and not shake and stems. I've barely came across any seeds. This is a really fantastic deal!

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    Best budget CBD bud around

    Posted by Mark on Nov 17th 2020

    This stuff is insane for the price! I've only tried a few brands of CBD flower, but this is definitely the best so far, and at a fraction of the price of the competition. I got the lifter strain.

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    Great company. I love the

    Posted by Princell Wimbley on Nov 16th 2020

    Great company. I love the business

  • 5
    Absolutely wonderful

    Posted by Laura Durbin on Nov 16th 2020

    Absolutely wonderful

  • 5
    Great effects, put me in

    Posted by Bryan Bravo on Nov 15th 2020

    Great effects, put me in a good place.

  • 5
    So this is a wonderful

    Posted by J. on Nov 15th 2020

    So this is a wonderful choice that I am very gracious to be able to buy and yes you do have to choose a strain just to clarify when buying. Sour space candy and mongo are great for me will be ordering again such a reliable medicinal herb. Awesome customer service and amazing company overall. Signing off thanks and recommend to anyone looking for reliable medicine.

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    always pleased

    Posted by Michael H on Nov 14th 2020

    always pleased

  • 5
    Special Sauce, my current favorite

    Posted by David DeRocker on Nov 14th 2020

    Special Sauce, my current favorite strain. A hidden gem! Flavorful and effective. Terpenes! Not only are the small buds a great deal, I think I prefer them. Just as good as the big ones, and no big stem going up the middle. My best medicine! Thank you for the service you provide!

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    Thanks for keeping me supplied

    Posted by Lenwood on Nov 14th 2020

    Thanks for keeping me supplied this year!

  • 5
    I have purchased a few

    Posted by Troy on Nov 13th 2020

    I have purchased a few different strains of CBD small buds. I am very happy with each and every one of them.

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