Plain Jane, Inc. is a cannabis company with specialty in producing plain cannabis, flower devoid
of many of the terpenes and other containments typically found in cannabis that gives the plant
its distinctive odor and other residual negative effects from consumption: red eye, inflamed
throat, clogged nose, droopy eye, and that groggy feeling.
The company’s unique and proprietary plain flower technique can be applied to all the varieties
of the Cannabis plant, regardless of its particular cannabinoid or terpene profile.
Plain Jane’s first product line is in the hemp space, cannabis commonly referred to having less
than 0.3% THC and some CBD percentage. Hemp is distinct because it will soon be legal in all 50
states in the USA, and is currently legal in over 100 countries worldwide.

Hemp is commonly described as giving users a sedating, calming feeling - an anti-anxiety wave
mellows the user within seconds when consumed in smoking form. The experience is described
much like that of tobacco users describing cigarettes.
This similarity of effect between hemp and tobacco lends to a core goal of the company – to
make hemp the number one smoking herb, replacing tobacco, by directly competing our CBD
active against the entrenched nicotine active in tobacco, in a zero sum world. That’s right, Plain
Jane is committed to adding a powerful new tool (but familiar to cigarette smokers) to the fight
against tobacco – which is still used by 39 million Americans. Smokers living with chronic pain
issues will also be enthusiastic about the pain-killing potentials of smoking the company’s
alternative herbal cigarette.


We created a new way to smoke hemp. Our product is the smoothest and least smelly way to consume the all natural Hemp Flower. We believe in the highest quality standards at the most unbeatable prices. 

How & Where

Plain Jane has demonstrated expertise in online marketing, software engineering, supply chain
logistics, and low-run manufacturing - which primes the company for future success. Currently
the hemp market is in its infancy, creating a huge, untapped market opportunity for the
company’s smooth, low-smell, plain flower.
The company is a registered “C” corporation in the state of California. Plain Jane, Inc. is
operating as a distributed cannabis processor, partnering with cannabis growers worldwide to
supply the planet with plain cannabis flower. The first hemp processing location is based along
the I-5 corridor in southern Oregon, the epicenter of the new industry in the West. This first
location will serve as a springboard into the company’s imminent launch into the worldwide
market for hemp and local markets for recreational THC.



Press coverage
"CBD is known for having a range of healing properties, but Plain Jane makes no claims for its cigs — other than mentioning the benefits of CBD in general. Time will tell whether it brings the benefits of CBD-rich gummies, tinctures, oils, etc., which, they say, cost a lot more than their cigs."
Plain Jane
Plain Jane - December 08, 2018
Lindsey Holthaus
CEO, American University, MS, Public Policy ‘15
Lindsey, originally from Baltimore, MD, attended American University for her graduate studies to pursue a degree in public policy. Upon graduation, she went on to work as a budget and health care policy analyst for the Maryland General Assembly and worked as a grassroots organizer in Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign. Her passion for sustainable living and lobbying for progressive agendas make her belief system the cornerstone of Plain Jane.
Duane Dennis
COO, MIT, BS, Operations Research ‘14
Duane, originally from Baltimore, MD, attended MIT as an undergrad to study operations in the university’s business school. While there, he met Evan, sparking the foundations of Plain Jane. Upon graduation, Duane started a few other mulit-national entrepreneurial ventures that live on while Duane focuses on growing Plain Jane.
CTO, MIT, BS, Computer Science ‘15
Evan, originally from Berkeley, CA, also attended MIT as an undergrad to study computer science. Evan’s cross functional background supported his curiosity in the technology behind Plain Jane from the early stages. Upon graduation, Evan went to the Bay area to pursue a software development position in a fast growing tech firm, quickly acquiring managerial duties.
Plain Jane Products Overview
Plain Jane First Promotional Video
Released on October, 2018.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"A huge shout out to @tryplainjane thanks for the CBD cigs, they are awesome and if anyone wants quit smoking tobacco should try these👍🙏 or if you want to relax at bedtime👍"
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Got my sample .They work just as advertised . Tasteless , the odor is very very minimum and I felt very relaxed after and surprising to me my anxiety was gone . I waited until I was feeling my anxiety pretty bad and smoked one . I wasn’t expecting it to work like that . Really like it so thank you very much for letting my try it "