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About Us


What is Plain Jane?

Plain Jane is a cannabis company focused on making the smoothest, cleanest, most odorless cannabis products on the market. Our hemp rolls were designed to be an alternative to tobacco, allowing them to be sold and consumed everywhere that cigarettes are currently. 

We like to keep our products simple - or should we say, Plain? So we process our hemp to remove terpenes and toxins from the plant to give you a low-smell, smooth product that you can feel comfortable smoking just about anywhere. 



Despite decades of knowing the harm from cigarettes, more than 15% of Americans continue to smoke. After seeing how many nicotine vaporizer companies started marketing to teenagers and young adults, we got fed up. We believe there needs to be a non-addictive alternative. We created a discreet hemp cigarette to help people reduce their dependence on nicotine. We're starting with hemp cigarettes but were constantly expanding our product line to provide the most and safest options for everyone.


To make Plain Jane hemp products, we support family-owned, licensed farmers in Southern Oregon. We like to see exactly where and how the hemp flower we use is grown. No pesticides, no artificial ingredients and high quality hemp make up the foundation for all of our products.