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5 Powerful Women who Support Cannabis

Posted by Kathryn Anne

Aug 29th 2019

5 Powerful Women who Support Cannabis

Aug 29th 2019

5 Powerful Women who Support Cannabis

While the cannabis industry is typically stereotyped as a male-dominated industry, women have (and continue to be) a major driving force when it comes to marijuana. In fact, women hold 36% of executive positions in the cannabis industry, as compared with 22% in other industries. Not only are women entrepreneurs breaking the marijuana glass-ceiling, women have been enjoying the benefits of cannabis for centuries. Let's take a look at some inspirational women with ties to weed:

Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou portrait

The world renowned author reflected on her days smoking marijuana in her autobiography.

Queen Victoria

queen victoria portrait

This powerful queen used marijuana to ease her menstrual cramps

Hildregard of Bingen

Hildregard of Bingen portrait

This German composer grew hemp and wrote about her experiences with herbal medicine.

Isak Dinesen

isa dinesin portrait

This author, portrayed on Out Of Africa, was known to experiment with many different types of cannabis.

Rita Marley

rita marley snoop dog portrait

This musician embraced cannabis culture before it was widely accepted in Jamaica.


Unfortunately not all women are able to open up about their marijuana use as the Drug War continues to disproportionately target women of color. In the last few years, many women from different racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds have begun to carve out their own space in the emerging industry. It will be interesting to watch the cannabis industry diversify and flourish over the next decade. One thing is for sure - women will be vital part of the industry's expansion.

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