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CBD Kush, the strains everyone is talking about

Posted by Diana Morales

Aug 29th 2019

CBD Kush, the strains everyone is talking about

Aug 29th 2019

CBD Kush, the strains everyone is talking about

 What Are High-CBD Cannabis Strains?

CBD is typically the second-most abundant cannabinoid in cannabis. High-CBD strains tend to deliver very clear-headed, functional effects without the euphoric high associated with high-THC strains. A high-CBD strain would also be a great choice for someone needing to medicate throughout the day to control pain, inflammation, anxiety, or other chronic conditions.

Why people are choosing CBD over THC?

Often, the psychoactive potency of the THC rich plants is too intense for some users, especially for newcomers who have never tried cannabis but want to benefit from its medicinal properties. That's where these hydra versions come in, they have the same level of CBD as THC, if not more, and therefore, with a much more moderate and manageable effect.
 Although the THC rate is reduced by half or more, the versions of CBD do not lose an apex, at least, of the flavor of the parents, so cannabis enthusiasts can also delight in these varieties.
Both CBD and THC are chemically similar to your body’s own endocannabinoids. This allows them to interact with your cannabinoid receptors. The interaction impacts the release of neurotransmitters in your brain. Neurotransmitters are chemicals responsible for relaying messages between cells and have roles in pain, immune function, stress, sleep, to name a few.

CBD Kush

A variety produced in collaboration with CBD Crew. A hybrid strain with equal parts THC and CBD. Tests have shown that CBD levels of up to 8% have been obtained with a similar amount of THC. This variety was obtained from a cross between a Kandy Kush selection rich in THC and a dominant variety in CBD. It is a mixture of Sativa and Indica genetics but the growth pattern generally shows that it has a dominant Indica aspect with good yields and a very pleasant aroma.
CBD Kush is a small plant, only 100cm tall and with a high medicinal value  with a CBD level of up to 7% and only 7% THC, it is the treasure for the ideal variety for patients suffering from pain and tension, and who do not want to experience a strong brain high.
Attractive for medicinal users seeking a CBD variety.

Kush Strain Benefits.

CBD Kush’s medical uses may be more highly valued than its recreational ones. Primarily, this strain can offer relief from deep-seated aches and pains, whether temporary or chronic. Its anti-inflammatory properties can also soothe everyday annoyances like headaches and nausea. As noted, the high concentration of CBD can allow for fewer distractions, allowing those with attention deficit disorders to concentrate on a single task. Finally, CBD Kush can elevate mood, providing temporary refuge from stress, depression, and anxiety.

Smell and flavor.