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CBD MOON ROCK: The Most Powerful Buds.

Posted by Diana Carolina Morales Talavera

Nov 27th 2019

CBD MOON ROCK:  The Most Powerful Buds.

Nov 27th 2019

CBD MOON ROCK: The Most Powerful Buds.

Talking about the most expensive nugs to grace the shelves of a cannabis dispensary and for a good reason, look no further than the Moon Rocks. It is widely regarded as the most effective medium through which weed is smoked.

Making a moon rock isn’t as challenging as most people think. All you need at your disposal is a decent supply of flower, kief and hash oil and you are good to go.

Moon rocks comprise of a cannabis formula that shouldn’t be taken for granted or underestimated. The special cannabis connoisseurs are championed by specialists seeking to get a once in a lifetime cannabis smoking a matter of fact, smoking moon rocks is one hell of a ride unless you staunched smoker who regularly consumes concentrated cannabis. However, if you’re trying it for the first time, you’d definitely need some water, snacks and of course good vibes around.

Since its inception, the rise in popularity of the Moon Rock is credited to Kurupt. A rapper in the early 90s who signed for Death Row Records with his partner Dr. Zodiak. Over the cause of time, most if not all original moon rock products now go by the name Dr. Zodiak’s Moonrock. With that said, consumers should be aware of the fact that not all Moon Rocks are the same.

How to Make Moon Rocks

Apart from smoking the moon rock which is fun (consumers say), the act of making a moon rock is actually the best part of the show. In order to get all its mixtures right, combining one of your favorite flowers and savory extracts, coupled with the required stash of kief will do just fine. Considering you are on the driver’s seat, there is a possibility of actually altering its potency. 

This can occur by simply opting for stronger or weaker flowers, oils as well as kief.

Bearing in mind the kief, a fully melted dry sift or better still bubble hash is widely regarded as the highest-quality product used to coat a Moon Rock. However, should you wish to up the potency to be somewhere in the middle, then invoking high CBD strains, concentrates or better still some isolated CBD powder in place of the kief will do just fine. This will go a long way in balancing the psychoactive effects of the THC in the oil and flower.

What you will need to Make Moon Rockscbd-kief-jarred.jpegcbd-kief-bulk.jpeg

When it comes to making moon rocks, all you need are the following items. A Fresh Whole Nugs, Concentrate, Kief, Butter Knife and of course some Silicone Gloves or Tongs. With these items all present, all you need do is:

  • Get hold of a new nug that isn’t dry and durable. Place your kief in a jar set aside for the end.
  •  Secondly, put a reasonable quantity of amount your concentrate on the butter knife.
  •  Furthermore, run a lighter back and forth beneath the knife with the concentrates on top.
  • Once the oil begins to melt out, handle the nugs with use silicone gloves. Afterward, be sure to spread the oil on the nugs until they’re coated all around.
  •  On a final note, take an oil-soaked bud and dunk it in the jar of kief until they’re powdered all around.

Considering you now know how to make a moon rock, learning how to smoke one is our next target. Taking to mind the fact that the moonwalk is one of the most potent forms of cannabis a person can smoke, taking the necessary precautions is key. With that in mind, you’ll want to be a cannabis veteran or prepared for an intense high.

Final Note.

When it comes to providing a creative way of enjoying the different products induced from cannabis, look no further than Moon Rock. In fact, you are not to take away the common component of smoking. If not, you will definitely be dabbing. With that said, if ever you feel the need for you or everyone to get high, all you need do is share a bowl moon rock to everyone and you’d be amazed at the results.