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Good Hemp Vs Bad Hemp: 7 tips to identify good hemp from the bad ones.

Posted by Diana Carolina Morales Talavera

Dec 19th 2019

Good Hemp Vs Bad Hemp: 7 tips to identify good hemp from the bad ones.

Dec 19th 2019

Good Hemp Vs Bad Hemp: 7 tips to identify good hemp from the bad ones.

Cannabis like a wide array of products found on shelves in most retail outlets in the US comes in different qualities. However these products may look or seem, consumers should be aware of the fact that there are both good and bad products in the market. This statement isn’t only limited to household consumables but it also applies to cannabis as well.

With that said, enclosed below are some of the tips required to identify the goodhemp from the bad one.

1. Keep An Eye On The Color


When it comes to identifying good hemp from bad, color is key. This is so because; good cannabis is greenish in nature and spiced with flecks of orange or purple. Bad hemp, on the other hand, is brownish, corrupted mold, and pesticides.

2. Smell Matters


A very easy way to detect the good hemp from the bad hemp lies in the smell of the product. Good hemp is fresh and smells fresh while bad hemp lack those qualities and as such shouldn’t be smoked. In fact, consumers are edged to look closely at what they are buying to avoid getting not so good cannabis.

3. Taste is Key

This is a tricky one considering the taste of cannabis may mean nothing especially for first-time smokers, unlike the more experienced marijuana users or smokers. Good cannabis looks and tastes fresh and if your cannabis lacks these attributes, it isn’t good for consumption.

4. That Feel Good Factor

The quality and texture of cannabis are some of the points that differentiate the good (cured hemp) from the bad hemp. Cured or good cannabis needs drying without considerably losing its sticky and greenish nature or characteristics. If your product doesn’t undergo this process it isn’t good hemp. Remember you want your pot preserved right: a little dry, and a little 

sticky makes the smoking experience exceptional.

5. The Orange Hairs 


Matured and well-pollinated cannabis possesses some beautifully colored orange hairs. With signs like this, be sure the cannabis in your possession is of very high quality and the stuff you are purchasing is actually very good. As such, do not settle for anything less.

6. Well-Trimmed

Purchasing a well-trimmed or decently presented pack of cannabis isn’t a true reflection of the quality of the product. However, decently trimmed cannabis void of extra leaves, as well as stems, demonstrates the care taken to preserve the product and maintain its qualities. As such, consumers should note that such cannabis is good and approved for consumption.

7. Impurities

Cannabis like most consumables needs to be in the best of quality before making a purchase as well as consuming the drug. As a result, consumers should stay clear of bad cannabis. With that said, check your cannabis against impurities such as mold and or bugs before making a purchase.