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Indica vs Sativa. What's the difference?

Posted by Diana Carolina Morales Talavera

Dec 3rd 2019

Indica vs Sativa. What's the difference?

Dec 3rd 2019

Indica vs Sativa. What's the difference?

Ever since the legalization of cannabis in some states in the US, for both medical and recreational purposes, a lot has in that time changed by virtue of the way people now see the drug. Researchers in the field of medical cannabis opine thatcannabis is a potent panacea for a wide array of common health conditions. Some of which includes:

  •  A sense of greater physical and mental relaxation,
  •  Pain reduction,
  • Increased appetite,
  •  As well as it helps its users achieve better sleep.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits of the cannabis plant, there are certainly two main varieties of the drug with each variety been possessed with a unique set of benefits. As such, Understanding the difference between the two is important in finding the right strain for each patient.

Considering there are four major types of cannabis, which are Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, Cannabis Ruderalis and Hybrids our focus is on the first two. Which are cannabis sativa and indica. As the different strains have varied names, so too are the effects they each have on the body when consumed as well as the medical benefits they possess.

As a result, while the indica strains greatest strength is to provide a sense of deep relaxation, sativa, on the other hand, creates a more energizing experience.

Cannabis Indica

Unlike the other types of cannabis plants, the cannabis indica plants relatively characterized by short, bushy, wide leaves, they grow very fast and have a higher yield than its sativa counterpart has. Another important characteristic of the cannabis indica over the cannabis sativa is that a wide array of the medicines produced from cannabis Indica plants possesses more CBD and less THC.

Qualities of Indica Medicinal Strains

Some of the main qualities of the Cannabis Indica Strain include

  • Its ability to increase mental relaxation
  • Relaxes the muscles
  • Increases appetite to its consumers
  •  It also increases the dopamine levels in the human body
  • It serves as a panacea for severe body pains

Cannabis Sativa

Looking for the direct contrast of the cannabis sativa plant, look no further than the cannabis indica. Some of its characteristics include

  • Growing tall and thin with narrow leaves,
  •  It possesses a lighter shade of green than

All of which are different from the indicas, which is has short, bushy and wide leaves. Another pertinent difference between the sativa and indica is evident in the way they grow. That is, while the cannabis sativa takes a longer time and duration to grow, and become mature, it also requires more light than its Indica counterpart does. Furthermore, researchers are of the opinion that, the medications produced from cannabis sativa possesses less Cannabidiol and more CBD and higher Tetrahydrocannabinol counts.

Qualities of Sativa Medicinal Strains

Some of the qualities of the Cannabis Sativa include the following:

  • Its serves as a panacea for anxiety
  • It treats chronic pain
  • Increases focus and creativity
  •  Cannabis Sativa possesses the ability to increases serotonin (a neurotransmitter involved in the regulation of learning, mood, sleep, anxiety, and appetite).