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The History of Hemp OG Kush

Posted by Evan

Sep 17th 2019

The History of Hemp OG Kush

Sep 17th 2019

The History of Hemp OG Kush

Widely regarded as OG Kush, the "Original Gangster" Kush is a very popular and lucrative cannabis indica strain. According to researchers, the roots of OG Kush emanates from the landrace plants, which are common in Afghanistan, Northern Pakistan and North-Western India around the 1900s. The name of this unique cannabis breed comes from the Hindu Kush mountain range in Asia.

Prior to its discovery in Asia as early as the 1900s, the Hindu Kush or theOG Kush arrived the sure of the United States around the year 1970. It is now a mainstay in the US with a wide array of persons or dispensaries now growing the hemp OG Kush flower till date.

OG Kush and the Cannabis Business

Ever since the legalization of cannabis for medical and or recreational purposes, the cannabis industry has witnessed a significant boost in its activities and profits. While there exists a wide array of strains, the OG Kush is widely regarded as the biggest name in the cannabis business right now. As popular and in-demand this OG Kush is today, there is very little knowledge about the world’s most famous cannabis strain.

The History of OG Kush

Unlike the cannabis plant which has a wealth of history and very much documented, there is very little knowledge about the OG Kush. As such, the little known fact about the OG Kush is quite mysterious and blanketed in hearsay. Making it practically impossible whether or not the OG Kush strain is real. The Original Gangster Kush is cultivated from a bag seed, which are the seeds you pick out of your bag. 

The term bag seed came to existence through a hodgepodge collection of miscellaneous cannabis seeds. With little or no concrete research on OG Kush and bag seed, it is very difficult to identify the strain's lineage. Although it is regarded as a cross between Chemdawg and the Hindu Kush. Unfortunately, there is limited research on how true this claim is.

While there are a wide array of cannabis strains tagged to the famous OG Kush in dispensaries, there is still no proof as which of the strains possesses or is the true OG Kush. To back this fact, a research conducted by the founder of the Werk Shop (a cannabis testing facility) Jeffrey Raber, chemistry Ph.D. brought to light this survey. He claims strains labeled and sold as OG Kush vary from dispensary to dispensary, with the plants giving no indication that they are genetically related.

As complicated as this already is, there is no one hell of a debate with varying opinions as to the true meaning of “OG”. All in a bid to trace the true origin of the OG Kush, some researchers opine that the strain was first cultivated ocean-side by California growers. Amidst all the surveys and data gotten from researchers about the identity of the OG Kush, or despite its intricate and mysterious origin, one thing is for sure. That is the fact that the OG Kush strain is one of the most popular strains the cannabis industry has ever seen.

The OG Kush Effects

Taking to mind the conflicting identities of this cannabis strain, and the fact that people are now the growing Hemp OG Kush Flower, this strain may actually be several different plants. This is because some respectable growers offer stabilized OG Kush seeds. As humans come into this world by parents, the cannabis plant also follows that trend while passing along their different genetic traits to their offspring.

The OG Kush plant grown comes to life by the actual planting of a seed, before it can actually express its own unique genetic traits. This isn’t the case with the other cannabis strains in existence today. It should be worthy to note that, thanks to extensive research and advancement in technology, they're now a wide array of clones of the OG Kush plant made from clippings of the plant.

As a result, though with slight altercations along the way, the clones are genetically still identical to their parent strain. With the possibility of minor genetic changes throughout the plant's existence, the OG Kush strain still possesses the ability to produce different phenotypes, which each having varied effects when consumed.

Chemicals in OG Kush

Considering the benefits both health and financial that comes with dealing with the OG Kush there are some chemical compounds found in the plant that dealer should be on the lookout for. Notably, the high level of THC levels and low levels of CBD. Enclosed below are some of the behaviors associated with the consumption of this plant.

  • The strain produces a strong and euphoric boost in mood
  • Consumers may be more sensitive to smells and
  • Consumers vision to objects around may seem brighter

Unlike the aforementioned points, there are some shortcoming associated with them especially when consumed in higher doses. The plant may cause the following side effects to its consumers

  • Racing heartbeat,
  • Anxiety, as well as
  • Sedation.

OG Kush Related Strains

Ever since the rise in demand and popularity for the growing hemp OG Kush flower, there’s been lots of speculation about its origin but no surprises about its true worth and uses. The recent market value for this strain has made many researchers seeking ways to create a prototype for this lucrative plant. This recent development is evident as the OG Kush phenotypes now make up about 68% of the many contemporary West Coast hybrids.

The popularity, market value and the high demand for this strain is no secret anymore considering its offspring have spread like an epidemic. Some of the most popular OG Kush relatives as identified by researchers include

  • Hemp OG Kush
  • White Fire OG Kush
  • Ogre OG
  • San Fernando Valley OG Kush
  • OG Headband