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How CBD Helps Overcome Addiction

By Adalid Van Duijn

Generally, many people overlook the ability of CBD to deal with substance addiction especially drug and alcohol.

Also, it is nearly impossible to fathom how CBD makes a great choice for the repression of addiction. It seems absolutely bizarre and unbelievable, but it is true. Truly, most would see it as a strategic selling point by the manufacturers of the product. So, how can CBD be the perfect treatment for addiction, amongst other things?

This is the perfect time to burst a few bubbles. Currently, there is a high number of research papers that back up the possibility of CBD as a competent tool to combat addiction. It makes sense when you think about the interaction of CBD with the endocannabinoid system of the body.

How CBD can prevent relapses for a long period: Recently, a few researchers used a sample of transdermal CBD to determine it anti-relapse potentials. The researchers pooled a few animal subjects with a history of self-administering alcohol or cocaine. When such test subjects began to exhibit relapse characteristics – impulsivity, anxiety, and dependency – they administered transdermal CBD to such subjects. Once every 24 hours, the researchers would administer the CBD to the test subjects. The consistency in administering the CBD for seven days unfolded a profound discovery.

From the test results, the 7-day period of CBD treatment led to:

  • The prevention of the development of the early signs of addiction in the test subjects
  • The decline in the possibility of a relapse

These characteristics occurred even though the CBD was absent from the body and the brain after three days. Hence, CBD is an active substance in the prevention of relapses in substance addicts. Moreover, the benefits are longstanding – which is crucial in the fight against substance addiction.

There are more shreds of evidence: Be that as it may, this single evidence is insufficient to describe the degree of effectiveness of the prevention of relapses. Luckily, there are several other studies that serve as the backbone of the present argument. Series of tests and experiments by credible research teams have fuelled the fact that CBD may be the cure to addiction. With similar results, the studies are proof that CBD has the potential to reverse the possibility of a relapse.

Evidently, this huge breakthrough in the history of science may bring an end to the problem of substance addiction in the world. Most importantly, tens of thousands of addicts would benefit from the discovery. Nevertheless, research shows that there are more than fifty benefits that CBD has to offer.

If you can imagine how many lives would benefit from CBD, you will admit that it is better for people to be open-minded about the recent discovery. As the potentials of CBD continually unfold, the treatment of several neurological and psychiatric conditions may become possible. Furthermore, the possibility that CBD aids the recovery stage of addicts is under research. An impressive point to note is the fact that CBD is neither addictive nor psychoactive drug.

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