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Everything you need to know about our New Strain, Berry Blossom

This potency makes it ideal for those dealing with chronic inflammation, pain, anxiety, or even sleeping issues. A floral CBD cultivar, Berry Blossom was bred by HGH Seeds by crossing Cherry Kandahar with their own Chardonnay This CBD heavy variety is a favorite among many growers and for good reason.  The structural integrity of Berry Blossom lends to super productive plants suitable for large scale production. Excellent in a variety of climate conditions and holds up well in harsh wind and weather. Buds are light green with scattered purple hues while the flavor profile is floral with overtones of candied raspberries and acai berries. This high-CBD strain is a great addition to their CBD collection and is a great boutique-quality...

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How much is 3.5 grams of weed?

“How much weed (or hemp) am I buying? Will it be enough? What does it look like?” These are the common questions people have when they are purchasing weed. It’s definitely a good idea to know what you are buying so you know how long it’s going to last or to make sure you are getting your money’s worth.Understanding the different weights of how weed is sold is paramount to being acannabis consumer. Whether buying a gram, eighth, quarter, or ounce, you’ll now be well-versed in what to expect for your future pot purchases.Knowing the different weights weed is usually sold in, as well as what each weightlooks like and typical costs are things to familiarize yourself with (plus knowing...

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