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CBD Oil and CBD Vape Oil - Different Uses and Benefits

  CBD Oil Vs CBD Vape Oil For quite some time,  people were aware about one of the classic methods of consumption wherein the users put 2-3 drops of oil under the tongue and thus it was popularly called Sublingual method. But with the release of vapes and special vapes oils people often get confused whether to opt for a regular CBD oil or a vape oil . Due to their similar state people assumed it could be used either way. But, the fact is they were designed as per their particular way of use. First of all, CBD is an extract of cannabidiol, known more commonly as CBD, taken from the Cannabis sativa plant. CBD is entirely non-psychoactive and non-addictive, allowing patients to...

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CBD Pre rolls, a non-drastic way to quit smoking.

Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things to do and can feel nearly impossible at times. Leaving an addiction is honestly, terrible. An addiction is characterized by the compulsive search and consumption of the drug, despite the negative consequences for health. It is well documented that the majority of smokers consider the use of tobacco a harmful habit and express the desire to reduce or discontinue their use. Each year almost 35 million smokers try to break the habit, but unfortunately, more than 85% of those who try to quit without help fall back, the majority in a week. Nicotine, like other addictive drugs, forms a physical dependence by reprogramming the synaptic receptors in the brain. The nicotine molecule...

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Joints and Pre rolls, Is there any difference between the CBD Hemp Prerolls and the CBD Prerolled Joints?

Is there any difference between the CBD Hemp Prerolls and the CBD Prerolled Joints?   Even something as simple as rolling and smoking a marijuana cigarette can have multiple terms and ways of enjoying it. Know the difference between the joints vs Pre rolls. In simple terms, a Joint consists of a rolling note, small in size, filled only with cannabis. The papers are usually made of hemp, linen, rice or wood pulp, and are usually unbleached. They burn quite fast, which could discourage some if what they want is to enjoy the flavor and aroma of the chosen cannabis variety, in our case (  with The Elektra Full Flavor , Otto  2  and  Lifter CBD hemp flower. If the...

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Hemp Buds, Richer in Cannabidiol.

In the world of CBD we find a great variety of species rich in CBD however, when referring to Hemp Buds, these are the queens of cannabis. ¿Why? Well, Hemp is a type of cannabis sativa plant, and hemp buds are the flowers of the hemp plant. These buds hold high concentrations of cannabinoids compared to the stalk, leaves and roots of the plant. CBD-rich hemp buds offer an alternative to CBD oil as a source of CBD that can be smoked, vaped or used to make edibles and ingested. In the context of hemp buds, CBD richness is referring to the CBD content of a cannabis strain. A ‘CBD-rich’ strain has been specially bred to contain a high-CBD content...

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