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Why Cannabis Is So Safe

One of the first things that anyone will tell you about cannabis is that it is impossible to overdose. Despite some misinformation pushing prohibitionists, cannabis never has resulted directly in any single death. Many people know this fact but why is it true?   The Science The reason why primarily deals with the the areas of the brain that cannabinoids interact with. Cannabinoids like THC and CBD interact with the endocannbinoid system. These receptors for cannabinoid unlike many other chemicals have no role in regulating the functions of the brainstem. As the National Cancer Institute explains: “Because cannabinoid receptors, unlike opioid receptors, are not located in the brainstem areas controlling respiration, lethal overdoses from Cannabis and cannabinoids do not occur.”...

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5 Powerful Women who Support Cannabis

While the cannabis industry is typically stereotyped as a male-dominated industry, women have (and continue to be) a major driving force when it comes to marijuana. In fact, women hold 36% of executive positions in the cannabis industry, as compared with 22% in other industries. Not only are women entrepreneurs breaking the marijuana glass-ceiling, women have been enjoying the benefits of cannabis for centuries. Let's take a look at some inspirational women with ties to weed: Maya Angelou The world renowned author reflected on her days smoking marijuana in her autobiography. Queen Victoria This powerful queen used marijuana to ease her menstrual cramps Hildregard of Bingen This German composer grew hemp and wrote about her experiences with herbal medicine. Isak...

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Indica vs Sativa: What the real difference is

Whenever I go into a dispensary and ask about various strains, the first thing every single bud tender mentions is whether the strain is indica, sativa, or hybrid. Most people who've heard of indica and sativa know that sativa's produce head highs and indica's give a more sedative experience. If you know this too, you're wrong. The difference between indica and sativa has absolutely nothing to do with feeling you get when you smoke it. The actual difference between sativa and indica The real difference between sativa and indica comes from the structure of the plant and the length of growing cycles. Sativa plants can grow very tall with long narrow leaves while indica plants never reach the same height...

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Weed Paranoia: Why it happens and what you can do

People often proclaim weed as the safest substance to consume. While virtually impossible to overdose, many smokers generally ignore the paranoia that some experience when smoking. If you're reading this and you feel paranoid or anxious when smoking cannabis, don't worry you're not alone. Why is this a problem? Over time, the concentration of THC in Cannabis has risen dramatically. In 1990, the average THC percentage was around 5.5%. Now in legal states, consumers find THC concentrations over 25%, sometimes even over 30%. Better genetics, greater understanding of the growing process have all help boost the THC percentage but another theory helps explain why the motivation.   One explanation relates to Cannabis prohibition as the driving force because it decreases...

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