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How to reduce your tolerance

If you've been smoking a while, perhaps you've struggled with your tolerance getting too high. The problem starts when it takes more and more cannabis to achieve the same effects. Especially for medical users, the decreasing effectiveness of their medication poses a significant and potentially expensive problem. The Classic T-Break   A T-Break or Tolerance Break provides the most common way for a person to reduce their tolerance. Taking a T-Break works as the tried and true method for reducing tolerance. If you stop consuming, you will reset your tolerance depending on how long you abstain. Of course, no one enjoys a tolerance break. Certainly for people who depend upon the medical properties, tolerance breaks essentially involve trading off between...

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The Founding Fathers and Hemp

As we talked about in our last blog post, humans have cultivated hemp for thousands of years. More recently in human history, the founding fathers of the USA grew hemp for many purposes. These purposes included both industrial and consumption. Let's explore a few of the key figures in our history and understand how they knew and used hemp. Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson once wrote: “Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth and protection of the country.” He specifically referred to the high quality ropes, sails, and textiles made from hemp used to keep the colonial navy afloat. Jefferson was Ambassador to France during the hashish era there. At risk of imprisonment if caught, Jefferson smuggled hemp seeds from...

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