Cat's Meow (Indoor) Hawaiian Grown Hemp Flower: 14.89% CBD

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Straight out of the fertile volcanic soils of Hawaii, Plain Jane brings you this limited quantity CBD hemp flower strain. While the majority of our CBD hemp flower is sourced locally near our facility in Oregon, Cat’s Meow is a special selection.


Cat’s Meow hemp flower is rich in the terpenes myrcene, beta-caryophyllene, and alpha-humulene. The flavors and scents of Cat’s Meow CBD hemp flower have a pungent and fruity note, but lead with an earthy and skunky sensory profile. Like all of our smokable hemp strains, Cat’s Meow contains less than 0.3% delta-9 THC. The Cat’s Meow hemp strain has a common sativa bud structure, which means its buds are naturally smaller and bright green.


Genetically, the parents of Cat’s Meow are not well known. IT is suspected that the strain is a hybrid of Wild Thai x Sage Kush x Cat Piss. Please remember to take care with hemp flower, it looks and smells just like marijuana and can lead to unfortunate mix-ups with law enforcement and employers!

5 Reviews

  • 5
    Relieved Anxiety

    Posted by Samantha Rose on Aug 6th 2020

    I usually buy pre-rolls but I heard about Cat’s Meow and had to try it. The flower was absolutely beautiful and when smoked tasted great! It definitely provided me a sense of relief from my anxiety. This is really nice bud. Would love to buy in a cigarette pack or pre-roll!

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    cats meow

    Posted by Joseph da realist on Aug 5th 2020

    wow beautiful indoor and grown in Hawaii what more do you want

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    Must have strain

    Posted by Malaysia on Jul 30th 2020

    Loved this! Either mixed with thc flower or just alone, it helped alleviate my cramps and headaches, which is why I choose cbd hemp flower in the first place. Would highly recommend for muscle aches, cramps and tension and especially for women.

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    This is some of the

    Posted by Antonio Cunningham on Jul 29th 2020

    This is some of the best flour I have ever had please try

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    Great strain

    Posted by Kay James on Jul 17th 2020

    I just got this strain this morning right along with the purple gas. This cats meow looks amazing smells amazing and taste amazing. Plain Jane needs to get a lot of this in stock because I would like to buy this one in bulk