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CBD Full Spectrum Shatter

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Perfect for dabbing, our full-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD comes highly concentrated with over 800 mg of CBD per gram.

Our CBD Shatter is full-spectrum, so you receive the benefits of all of the cannabinoids and all of the terpenes naturally present in the hemp plant.

10 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Jake B. on Feb 25th 2020

    The shatter is pretty good.
    Flavor is on point, effects are on point.
    The only thing was the wax melted like crazy in the mail (not PJ fault) so like that kinda sucked. For $26 a gram this stuff is def worth it! Highly recommend this wax.

  • 5

    Posted by Joseph zuniga on Feb 21st 2020

    Wow this wax is amazing I love it I will definitely order again

  • 5
    Full spectram shatter

    Posted by Frank Rotgaber on Jan 28th 2020

    Really enjoy using this product

  • 3
    Packaging issues

    Posted by Mike on Jan 16th 2020

    Honestly this deserves 5 stars, but the fact that it did not come as shatter and was stuck to parchment paper knocked it down to a 3. Took me at least an hour to get it all off. Was a complete mess. Other than that it was delicious, smells great, has great relaxing effects and would for sure order again if the packaging/consistency problems are fixed.

  • 5

    Posted by David on Jan 6th 2020

    This Shatter is pretty delicious and smokes very well, Melts super smooth in an insert and vaporizes completely. The effects are practically immediate and leave you with a very mellow, relaxing headspace. Great for evening time and right before bed. Would totally recommend.

  • 5
    It smells amazing and taste good..

    Posted by Amber on Nov 16th 2019

    The only thing and it's really not that big of a deal but the shatter was put in parchment paper and melted a little so it was a little annoying trying to get to the product.

  • 2
    Full Spectrum Shatter

    Posted by Beau Lawrie on Nov 9th 2019

    The shatter itself was pretty good, but the way in which it was delivered was terrible. I don’t understand why it was on wax paper, inside a glass jar. Why not just put the wax in the jar by itself. It was very hard to disconnect from the paper making it overall a pretty annoying experience. If It came to me, not attached to the paper, and in the glass jar, it would have been 4 stars.

  • 4
    CBD Shatter

    Posted by Aaron on Oct 23rd 2019

    I was excited to try shatter from Plain Jane and it did not disappoint. For the price, this can’t be beat! Good herb taste and relaxing effects

  • 5
    Fire shatter

    Posted by Sam Z on Oct 13th 2019

    Pretty good shatter smokes and tastes good. 1 dab gets me pretty relaxed while still active.