CBD Products

Plain Jane was founded in an effort to make the wonders of CBD flower products more accessible and affordable. Since 2018, we’ve generated a following of over 75,000 people from around the United States. Our mission is simple: We want to get you the best CBD flower possible, at the best price, with no hassle.

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Our Plain Jane refers to the integrity and quality of the hemp plants and buds we use to source our products. We believe in tried-and-true farming including outdoor, indoor, and greenhouse growth practices that produce the highest quality cannabis plants possible.


Proudly located in Southern Oregon, our company sources all of its CBD flowers from small farms using the unbeatable simplicity of honest farming. That is the only thing that makes us plain.


We are licensed by the Oregon Department of Agriculture and offer a variety of products including pure CBD flower, CBG flower, CBD cigarettes, and CBD joints. With a rotation of over 20 hemp strains including Hawaiian Haze, Sour Space Candy, Golden Cherry, and more, our joints and other products feature a variety of ways to enjoy the benefits of CBD. What's more? We sell our CBD hemp flower strains in a variety of grams so you can get the best option for your needs.


We are the original creators of the first low-smell CBD cigarette, which helps you enjoy the best hemp flower with no inconvenience. We use a water curing process to remove the traditional cannabis smell, so the flavor itself comes from our cigarette paper. This gives the pleasure of a great smoking experience without the aromatic compounds of cannabis that can sometimes turn heads.


Our hemp cigarettes offer the familiar taste of a smoke break to cigarette smokers without any of the tobacco or nicotine. Not to brag, but we believe they are the best CBD cigarettes on the market. Unlike tobacco cigarettes or blunts, they provide a clean, full flavor hemp smoke that offers more than 70mg of CBD to help users unwind. 


In addition to our joints and CBD hemp cigarettes, we also offer other hemp products including CBD oil products, topicals, and pure CBD isolate. Each of our offerings is a unique, clean product intended to help users relax and enjoy life. The fun and ease of our website allow users to peruse and checkout products without the pressure of going to smoke shops.


The benefits of the marijuana plant are becoming more widely-known, but many of our customers report that CBD oils and other smokeable hemp products with a very minimal THC level can work to alleviate anxiety, minimize pain, serve as a supplemental dietary product, and even generate joy. While CBD is now a legal product, you should still seek a doctor's advice before experimenting with cannabinoids, especially if you use prescription medications or have a serious medical condition. That said, we believe that when enjoyed responsibly, cannabis sativa and other hemp industry offerings have the potential to bring positivity to the lives of users everywhere.


We work with more than 15 reliable family farms, mostly located near us in Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon. We also have our own small hemp farm to provide top-quality greenhouse flower with unique hemp genetics. We are strong believers in sustainable and regenerative farming for the CBD-rich hemp flower, so if you are a sustainable farm looking to work with us or a wholesale hemp buyer looking for direct farm prices, check out our hemp marketplace.