CBG Hemp Flower: 11.6% CBG

$6.00 - $600.00
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Our CBG hemp flower contains 12 to 14% CBG with frosty, silver trichomes covering the bright green hemp buds. These CBG-rich hemp buds have a citrusy and hoppy aroma with hints of chamomile and piney fresh mountain air.

What's the difference between CBG and CBD?

CBG stands for cannabigerolic acid which is the seeds converted into tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA), the precursor of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and cannabidiolic acid (CBDA). Most hemp strains contain only small amounts of CBG, but new CBG-rich hemp strains are now available. Because CBG hemp flower is still a less common variety, it often comes at a higher cost.

CBG is the parent molecule of THC and CBD, which have different molecular structures and different interactions with the endocannabinoid system. Unlike THC, CBD and CBG are non-psychoactive, meaning they won’t get you high. Our CBG hemp flower contains less than 0.3% delta-9-THC.

Isolated, each cannabinoid has its own beneficial properties, many that overlap. When CBD and CBG are taken together, the benefits of the CBD are believed to last longer and be more pronounced. CBG also suspected to amplify or synergize with the other cannabinoids and terpenes in full-spectrum products.

80 Reviews

  • 5
    I’m seem to be on

    Posted by Iris Pena on May 23rd 2020

    I’m seem to be on the go a lot and when my anxiety gets too much I forget to eat. CBG definitely stimulates my appetite and all the sudden food sounds good again.

  • 4
    This is the first CBG

    Posted by Elaine Mohr on May 19th 2020

    This is the first CBG product i have tried. I will have to try it on a consistent basis to determine effectiveness but didn’t get the “high” like some products but did have an overall “well” feeling. Would love to see it knock out some pain issues so mixing it with some of the CBD strains and will let y’all know if it helps at all. Overall great product from an awesome company!!

  • 3
    I think it was a

    Posted by Julia on May 17th 2020

    I think it was a good flower. But noticed nothing different from regular hemp flower.

  • 5
    Amazingly, looks just like the picture!

    Posted by Jennifer Pruitt on May 16th 2020

    Just received this and I’m blown away by the quality. Got one gram just to try out and it came as one thick very pretty bud. Nice smooth smoke and very nice effect. This is my first time trying CBG but it won’t be my last. So glad I found this company. Thank you for the great quality and prices!

  • 5
    Amazing, works great and smells

    Posted by Bruce McCabe on May 14th 2020

    Amazing, works great and smells even better!

  • 3
    Was okay but not as

    Posted by Patricia on May 14th 2020

    Was okay but not as effective as the other I purchased.

  • 5
    moochassgrassyass ; ) it was

    Posted by Jack Pine on May 12th 2020

    moochassgrassyass ; ) it was perfect.

  • 5
    Really good with cbd combined

    Posted by Velezaliz on May 10th 2020

    Really good with cbd combined

  • 4
    Pretty good bud, not the

    Posted by Zachary Briones on May 6th 2020

    Pretty good bud, not the best not the worst, pretty good.

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