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Charlotte's Web CBD Hemp Flower

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Herbal, pine, and peppery flavors punctuate the historic Charlotte’s Web CBD hemp flower strain. Colorado breeders Stanley Brothers were some of the first to cross marijuana strains with industrial hemp to increase its natural CBD potency. Surprisingly, selective breeding techniques like this have been used in cannabis cultivation since ancient times.

The Charlotte’s Web name is also significant, as it was bred specifically for Charlotte Figi, a young girl with a rare seizure disorder. This hemp strain’s story has caught news headlines and sparked battles with the FDA for making health claims.

Reviewers of the Charlotte’s Web strain say that it is relaxing, uplifting, and may help with pain, stress, and anxiety. These observations have not been clinically evaluated or approved by the FDA, but offer some insight into what using Charlotte's Web could feel like.

The CBD content of Charlotte’s Web hemp can range from 15 to 20% with legally compliant (<0.3%) levels of THC that will not get you high. Still, take caution consuming CBD hemp flower as it may be mistaken for actual marijuana.

Research on CBD suggests that it could have many beneficial health properties. These properties can interact with medications and may not be right for everyone. It is important to talk to your doctor to find out if CBD is right for you.

28 Reviews

  • 5
    Charlotte&#039;s is the stress killer!

    Posted by Tom on May 8th 2020

    We tried Stress Killer the other day, and we&#039;re a bit disappointed. This however, did not disappoint. Very smooth, just really nice on each drag. If you&#039;re stressed and looking for a good baseline to just feel normal again, this should do the trick. Not overwhelmingly strong like some indicas; just calm, stable and still clear headed.

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    Great strain!

    Posted by Devin on Apr 23rd 2020

    Very smooth, relaxing but also energetic like a perfect combination.

  • 5
    My favorite so far

    Posted by David W. on Apr 18th 2020

    This was first time I was able to get some Charlotte&#039;s web and I can say it is probably my favorite. The taste is so good. So far it has worked good with my epilepsy and the side effect of my other meds. I ordered 14 grams. The shipping was super fast also. I normally smoked sour space candy and T1 and they were my favorite until Charlotte&#039;s web on here. Definitely high quality.

  • 5
    Very Tasty &amp; Powerfull

    Posted by Jason Winfield on Mar 20th 2020

    Man oh man! This Charlotte&#039;s Web is very tasty &amp; powerful. Super relaxing and pain relieving. All the great reviews on this flower is spot on! I would give it 10 stars if i could &amp; I would give the awesome people at Plain Jane 20 stars if i could lol. Plain Jane is such a awesome company with the best flower out of everyone imo, And they always take great care of their customers. I ordered 3.5 grams of this CW and what does the awesome people at Plain Jane do? They sent me alot more than 3.5.. I cant say it enough about Plain Jane... YOU GUYS ROCK!!! AND Are the best Company out HANDS DOWN!!! Love you guys :)).. P.S... Plain Jane stay safe in these difficult times with this virus going around &amp; Thanks for blessing all of us with this awesome CBD during these times.. Im praying for you guys safety and for all of us to get through pandemic untouched and uneffected.. Which we all will, Because GOD is Good &amp; no weapon formed against us shall prosper!! God Bless...

  • 5
    The best

    Posted by Landon Nagin on Mar 18th 2020

    Had a few seeds, this flower is perfect after a good ole long day. I rolled up a good ole joint and halfway through it I forgot I was still smoking it. Calmed all my mind and body. Enchanced my mood big time, my gurl could tell I wasn’t mad like I usually would be after work. The shipping is super fast also with priority mail. Happy customer!

  • 5
    Great Quality

    Posted by Leo on Mar 16th 2020

    Very good sticky stuff ❤️
    feelin great and creative

  • 3
    Good piney citrusy buds!

    Posted by Tony Glock on Mar 6th 2020

    This stuff smells like a pleasant mix of pine and grapefruit. Smoke is a little harsh! Gives a nice uplifting feeling and mood improvement but I had to take 2 stars off for the abundance of seeds I&#039;ve found in this bud there is a lot of them.

  • 5
    Charlotte&#039;s Web CBD Hemp FLower

    Posted by Kevin on Feb 15th 2020

    Thank You Plain Jane For Charlotte&#039;s Web!!! This Strain and The Stanley Brother&#039;s are Responsible for the CBD Revolution we enjoy today, The Healing property&#039;s of this Strain are Unmatched by any other, and i can confirm the quality of this batch , it&#039;s loud and very potent, you can literally taste how full of terpenes this strain is.
    This is The Top Shelf Healing Strain #1 nothing has compared to this for me, this is a life changing strain.

    Please watch the video&#039;s on youtube about Charlotte&#039;s Web, i started using CBD after watching the video&#039;s about CBD and Charlotte&#039;s Web and my quality of life has improved 100% it has helped me with so many thing&#039;s i never thought it could for example, when sleeping at night i (used to) get cramps in my leg&#039;s it would be like my entire leg muscle&#039;s just lock up and cramp with tremendous pain, used to call it a charlie horse when we were younger, this has literally stopped 100% along with so many other thing&#039;s. Please Note this is a very Potent Strain, start with small dose&#039;s and go week by week making adjustments as needed, For me, i only need to use Charlotte&#039;s web every 3-4 day&#039;s , This is Very important, every body chemistry is different, it will take you some time to find the correct dosage for you, My hope is that someone will read this who needs help or know someone who doe&#039;s and will try CBD , One last thing CBD Oil and CBD Flower are 2 very different thing&#039;s i&#039;ve heard so many people say Oil didn&#039;t work but flower did, I did try Oil and it did work but i found the CBD flower to be more effective for me personally, i used to smoke cigarettes and i find that smoking the CBD flower takes away that old craving. Out of all the CBD strain&#039;s i have tried Charlotte&#039;s Web is by far the best , the amount of Natural healing this strain can give you is purely amazing.

  • 5

    Posted by Susan Curry on Feb 7th 2020

    Smokes nice and help with mood and back pain. Best I&#039;ve tried so far.