Cloud 9 (Indoor) Hemp Flower: Total Cannabinoids 11.72%

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Cloud-9 CBD hemp Flower

Cloud-9 CBD hemp flower is a cross between Harle Tsu and Autoflower #14. This premium artisanal hemp flower is indoor-grown to perfection for your enjoyment. Its buds are full but looser, similar to those produced by kush-genetics.


Cloud-9 hemp flower has floral notes but does not have common citrus flavors. This hemp strain is thought to have a more energizing terpene profile. This is a new hemp strain though, so hopefully, with time our reviewers will help us learn what they like this strain for!

3 Reviews

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    Awesome after a long day

    Posted by Mond H. on Oct 1st 2020

    Awesome after a long day PJ is what I needed in my life.I turned my friends and family on too. The best quality for your money

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    Plain Jane has the best

    Posted by Samantha Fisher on Sep 9th 2020

    Plain Jane has the best deals on 1/4s for sure. Not the best tasting bud out of everything I’ve tried but very mellow and chill.

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    Cloud 9 is..interesting. Like a cup of coffee.

    Posted by Tom C on Aug 7th 2020

    Like all new strains as we discover them on Plain Jane, ordered this soon as we saw it on the site. I will say, this is like having a cup of coffee in the morning. Sativa family? Seems like it. It kind of reminded me or Sour Space Candy in scent and taste(to me anyway). Not as sour, but a hint, so the next session I ground up some SPC to mix and they pair really well and took on a sour patch kid kind of taste. Bit harsh to burn by itself but paired well with SPC. The burn was much slower and milder on the throat. Overall, I'd say it's great for talkative groups and discussions, will have you very energetic and in a creative mood. Would recommend.