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Eighth Pack CBD Pre-rolled Joints

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SKU-146-CBD Blend

Let us do the work for you with our pre-rolled half gram joints!

Our pre-rolled CBD joints "Eighth Packs" contain 7 half gram all flower joints.

CBD: 10-18%

THC: <.3% Delta-9

47 Reviews

  • 5
    Love these, purchased with the Kush strain. Makes me happy, positive and makes me think clearer. Buying some more. Quick, easy, and it travels well!

    Posted by Robin Hellerich on Feb 15th 2020

    Love these, purchased the Kush strain. Just ordered again along with Charlotte's Web. Makes me positive, think deeper and clearer, helps with my anxiety and acute pain. It's handy, ready, and travels well. I'll be a repeat buyer!

  • 5
    Hawaiian haze

    Posted by Daniele Mosley on Feb 11th 2020

    Love! Has a great taste and the prerolled is very convenient, definitely will buy again.

  • 5
    Pre-rolled - Kush

    Posted by Shannon on Feb 2nd 2020

    These were an intro to CBD flower for me. I got these since I never learned to roll, LOL. These were so convenient for my first time. Though I wasn't crazy about smoking anything, since I stopped smoking cigs 6 years ago, these helped me to relax and I decided from here I'd venture further and bought a vaporizer. I recommended these to a friend for the same reasons and she's felt the benefits, as well. Thanks PJ! Your product and Customer Service is wonderful!

  • 5
    Awesome product

    Posted by Preston Teague on Jan 27th 2020

    Very satisfied with the product and quality

  • 4
    Awesome product

    Posted by Preston Teague on Jan 27th 2020

    Was very satisfied with the product and quality. The only issue I had was the packs that are sent are 7 packs not eight packs like it's shown in the description.

  • 5
    Pre roll special sauce

    Posted by Patricia Smith on Jan 23rd 2020

    Love it does the job for sure I take pain meds for 15 PLUS years and I cut those down to only 2 tablets in the morning I used to take 10 tabs a day so damn,,,I will be ordering more,,,

  • 5
    Sour Space Candy

    Posted by Evan on Jan 18th 2020

    Simply the best. Crème de la Crème of CBD dominant strains.

  • 5
    Nothing But the Truth

    Posted by Josh on Jan 17th 2020

    I used to smoke all this high THC Marijuana and after a few years my body had bad reactions to it. Now that I’ve switched to Hemp this stuff gets you high as ever too ; but I don’t have all those bad reactions. If your body is sensitive to THC please switch to CBD you won’t regret it. I love the sour space candy and wife. I can’t wait to try more strains. I can smoke and handle my day and not feel all tired. This CBD is really great.

  • 5
    Smooth smoke

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 17th 2020

    The sour space candy has a nice aroma and is fast acting . I would try this strain again . I like the information provided on the preroll box as well