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Full Spectrum Hemp 750 MG CBD Vaporizer Cartridge


Gorilla Glue CBD vape cartridges combine CBD with the classic cannabis terpene profile of Gorilla Glue. Pinene, limonene, caryophyllene, farnesene, and myrcene are the dominant terpenes found in the Gorilla Glue cannabis strain.


The complex glue and gas flavors of this strain are mainly attributed to the more rare terpenes in its profile. These include nerolidol, eucalyptol, fenchol, bisabolol. Gorilla Glue is thought to have one of the most complete spectrums of terpenes and brings a little bit of every type of cannabis flavor into the mix.


These CBD vapes are full-spectrum and contain 750mg of CBD per cartridge. They are made using only CBD distillate and cannabis-derived terpenes with no thinning agents or additives. 510 thread cartridges need a 510 thread CBD vape battery (sold separately) for use. Nicotine vaporizer batteries are not compatible with CBD vape carts.


510 thread cartridge: CCELL Liquid6 Reactor Glass Cartridge with White Ceramic Mouthpiece


Major Terpenes: 






510 thread cartridge: CCELL Liquid6 Reactor Glass Cartridge with White Ceramic Mouthpiece







2 Reviews

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    GG4 Vape Cart

    Posted by BLP on Aug 5th 2020

    Plainly put these vape carts rock! I am so pleased to have found both an affordable & flavorful cart. I would say theses are the best & I have tried many from many different companies & had some bad experiences. Shipping was fast & free. Love Plain Jane

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    Posted by Trevor on Aug 4th 2020

    I bought this vape because I heard Gorilla Glue will "Glue you to the couch". I have a hard time going to sleep and staying asleep. This definitely did the trick. After only a few puffs my body felt SO relaxed. I've tried a lot of indica leaning hemp but this one may now be my all time favorite. I may have smoked too much though for my first time trying it, because I just slept for 10 1/2 hours. This is great!