Golden Cherry (Indoor) Hemp Flower: 17.1% CBD

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Super Chill

Golden Cherry CBD hemp flower is a premium indoor bud created by High Grade Hemp Seed Co. The breeders created Golden Cherry by crossing the strains Black Rose and Cherry Wine. This resulted in a CBD-rich strain that can surpass 19% CBD!

In order to create hemp strains that are rich in CBD, breeders have brought in genetics from marijuana. The process of selective breeding has been used with cannabis for thousands of years. So how did Golden Cherry come to be?

Black Rose is a bit of a mystery hybrid. The marijuana strain is thought to come from crossing Black Russian and Shiva Skunk. It was developed by the skilled breeder Heath Robinson. Black Rose is known for having a powerful high and pungent berry notes that it passes on to Golden Cherry.

Cherry Wine hybrid hemp imparts its distinct cherry flavor and potent CBD content inherited from parent strains The Wife and Charlotte’s Cherries. Cherry Wine’s distinctive aromas and flavors have impressed many reviewers. Among reviews, relaxing effects have also been noted.

Golden Cherry’s golden-green buds are sugary with trichome crystals that are packed with cannabinoids and terpenes. These premium indoor CBD buds could be easily mistaken for their marijuana ancestor. With that in mind, take caution as needed. Our CBD hemp flower falls within legal (<0.3%) THC limits, but you couldn’t tell that by looking at it.

228 Reviews

  • 5
    Super Chill Is An Accurate Tag

    Posted by Nick D. on Oct 17th 2020

    Great flavor and aroma ... super smooth, solid effect - one of my new favorite strains

  • 5
    my other fave, love it

    Posted by ELAYNE CAMPOS on Sep 8th 2020

    my other fave, love it , for me its always a hit !

  • 5
    Very sweet and mild on

    Posted by Larry King on Aug 29th 2020

    Very sweet and mild on throat nice effects solid buds great flower.

  • 5
    Wonderful, the moment I opened

    Posted by Thomas H. on Aug 22nd 2020

    Wonderful, the moment I opened the bag I knew this was a good strain and a good batch. Very nice, smoke, all-be-it a little dry. Excellent value for the money.

  • 5
    Sweet product! Loved this strain.

    Posted by Merle Parsons on Aug 22nd 2020

    Sweet product! Loved this strain. Very effective on my back! Fantastic transaction!

  • 5
    Wonderful terpenes! A little pricey,

    Posted by David DeRocker on Aug 14th 2020

    Wonderful terpenes! A little pricey, but very pleasant!

  • 5
    Fire!! Indoor hemp is where

    Posted by Jesus Matos on Aug 14th 2020

    Fire!! Indoor hemp is where it's at!!

  • 2

    Posted by Sara Donato on Aug 6th 2020

    The after taste is like cough syrup medicane like. Wont order that again!

  • 5

    Posted by Aime on Aug 1st 2020

    Delicious, gorgeous, and effective. Really relaxing, so I recommend for nighttime before bed. I was skeptical because of the low prices, but I am seriously impressed!

  • 5
    Helps me with my Chairi

    Posted by Mandy on Jul 31st 2020

    Helps me with my Chairi malformation headaches! It does not get rid of them but it takes the edge off.

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