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Golden Cherry (Indoor) Hemp Flower

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SKU-178-3.5 grams

Golden Cherry CBD hemp flower is a premium indoor bud created by High Grade Hemp Seed Co. The breeders created Golden Cherry by crossing the strains Black Rose and Cherry Wine. This resulted in a CBD-rich strain that can surpass 19% CBD!

In order to create hemp strains that are rich in CBD, breeders have brought in genetics from marijuana. The process of selective breeding has been used with cannabis for thousands of years. So how did Golden Cherry come to be?

Black Rose is a bit of a mystery hybrid. The marijuana strain is thought to come from crossing Black Russian and Shiva Skunk. It was developed by the skilled breeder Heath Robinson. Black Rose is known for having a powerful high and pungent berry notes that it passes on to Golden Cherry.

Cherry Wine hybrid hemp imparts its distinct cherry flavor and potent CBD content inherited from parent strains The Wife and Charlotte’s Cherries. Cherry Wine’s distinctive aromas and flavors have impressed many reviewers. Among reviews, relaxing effects have also been noted.

Golden Cherry’s golden-green buds are sugary with trichome crystals that are packed with cannabinoids and terpenes. These premium indoor CBD buds could be easily mistaken for their marijuana ancestor. With that in mind, take caution as needed. Our CBD hemp flower falls within legal (<0.3%) THC limits, but you couldn’t tell that by looking at it.

38 Reviews

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    Golden Cherry

    Posted by Gennard Francis on May 11th 2020

    Just Got It! These guys are beasts when it comes to shipping orders, even more beastly in their quality of bud and.. the price..what more could you ask for? The description is all legit. I‘ve smoked enough actual bud to tell you this is quality top shelf.. just buy it already...

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    no notice to law enforcment

    Posted by Darrel House on May 8th 2020

    i bo.ught the golden cherry and kief nugs ,totally happy with my purchase.i am disappointed that there was no notice to law enforcment in side the package.just in case any questions would ever arise it would be something to cover any forseen problem. thank you!

  • 5
    My fave

    Posted by Rob K on Apr 25th 2020

    This is a beautiful strain. Smooth smoke, great taste, not a seed to be found. It&#039;s also super frosty and loaded with trichomes. The trim isn&#039;t perfect, but it&#039;s totally acceptable. Highly recommended by me. Price per eigth is great, would love to see better value when buying larger quantity. Keep up the good work PJ!

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    Golden cherry flower

    Posted by Perry Siefferman on Apr 21st 2020

    This is the second strain I&#039;ve tried from plain Jane and I am blown away at the quality. It smells just like cherry it taste to smooth and citrusy. This is a top shelf product. Plain jane is a very legit and and a quality brand

  • 5

    Posted by Don B. on Apr 16th 2020

    This was my first Plain Jane purchase and I am floored! Why did I wait so long?? I have been a regular user of hemp flower for almost a year now and Golden Cherry is the best. I am blown away. Absolutely flawless in every way. If you are looking for an awesome flower for a good price, this is the place to get it! Amazing job Plain Jane!! Thank you!

  • 5

    Posted by Jeremy Spencer on Apr 16th 2020

    I ordered an eight but actually got seven grams, but that&#039;s not the best part because this flower is awesome the smell the taste. It literally smells like cherries,nice smoke with nice body effects, I couldn&#039;t be happier.

  • 5
    Love it!!!

    Posted by Shamika Moody on Apr 10th 2020

    This strain is wonderful #NoLie... Smells like cherries and the strain itself is gorgeous... Will be buying again.. Relaxed after one hit

  • 5
    Sticky goodness

    Posted by David Berkey on Apr 10th 2020

    I&#039;ve been buying from Plain jane for a couple months or so now. Their product is always enjoyable, and has been great for weening off regular weed, which is ideal for getting a better job, or in my case, being more present and clear headed as a father. I have tried I think 6 different strains, including the moon rocks but this is my favorite. Sticky, tasty, takes care of my headaches, anxiety, etc. If it wasn&#039;t for the not getting high part it would honestly be hard to tell the difference between this strain (or most of their strains,) and normal weed. If you&#039;re wanting to try a new strain, or looking for a good gateway to transition from normal smoke to just cbd I personally suggest this one.

  • 5
    Totally worth it

    Posted by Peter on Mar 30th 2020

    This is the one. Must try. Gives you a perfect buzz because of cannabinoids and such, tastes and smells like a piney cherry cough syrup. Totally worth it. Unless you are trying to get something that is totally cheap enough like the Sour Space Candy it is really a shame you didn&#039;t pick this up because you are going to want at least an ounce.

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