Harle-Tsu CBD Hemp Flower: 12.8% CBD

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Calming herbal, fruity, and pine flavors have won over reviewers of Harle-Tsu CBD hemp flower. They also rave about its ability to ease pain and stress. Harle-Tsu can test at up to 18% CBD with less than 0.3% THC, but specific potency will vary by crop as seeds have only a 75% chance of expressing its high-CBD genetic.

Harle-Tsu is a hybrid CBD hemp strain that was bred at the Southern Humboldt Seed Collective, aka SoHum Seeds. The breeders crossed a Harlequin strain male and a female Sour Tsunami clone to create this unique hemp hybrid.

When it comes to parent genetics, Sour Tsunami is a strain that has become famous. It was one of the first to be specifically bred for high CBD rather than THC content. It comes from the Diesel lineage of cannabis which can be tasted in Harle-Tsu.

Harle-Tsu’s mother genetics come from Harlequin, a 75% sativa strain with reliable CBD production. Harlequin genetics combine Colombian Gold, a Nepali indica, and Thai and Swiss landrace strains that impart clear-headed and alert effects.

The Indica genetics of Harle-Tsu are apparent in its vegetative growth stage. Characteristic Indica plant growth is short and bushy, whereas Sativas tend to be more tall and lanky. Harle-Tsu is also a very adaptable hemp strain that is not too difficult to cultivate.

The Harle-Tsu CBD hemp flower strain won first place for the best CBD flower at the 2014 Emerald Cup. Award-winning hemp genetics may impress you, but are not likely to excite law enforcement which may mistake it for its marijuana ancestors. Please use caution with that in mind.

72 Reviews

  • 4
    Great quality nugs with very

    Posted by Jessica Sargent on Oct 14th 2020

    Great quality nugs with very few seeds.

  • 5
    My new favour strain. Nice

    Posted by Eli S. on Oct 11th 2020

    My new favour strain. Nice and sticky with minimal seeds. In fact, none of the stuff I bought was seedy. This definitely lived up to what I've heard about it from other people. Its delicious with a slightly fruity and diesel flavour. It can be a bit strong on the throat to smoke so it may be better vaped. This helps my anxiety and pain and is very relaxing. I cannot wait to buy more.

  • 5
    Would definitely recommend!!! Great product

    Posted by Ashley H. on Oct 10th 2020

    Would definitely recommend!!! Great product at a great price! Super fast shipping.

  • 5
    Tasty Citrus,Peppery Pine Aroma/Flavor. Immediate

    Posted by JOSEPH JOHNSON on Oct 8th 2020

    Tasty Citrus,Peppery Pine Aroma/Flavor. Immediate Pain Release And Cleared My “Squirrelly “ Mind Set,Which Gave Me A Absolutely Restful Night!

  • 3
    Not Bad Not Great

    Posted by Travis Hewitt on Sep 18th 2020

    I'm not overly impressed with Harle-TSU. The taste is sub par and I felt no effects like I typically would get with many of the other strains I've tried.

  • 3

    Posted by Christopher Groeber on Sep 14th 2020

    Stick to 1/8s .. Any strain i tried (its been a few) over an 1/8 is short as heck.. Most Qs have like 5 grams in them ..not 7 ... Im in the medical marijuana program for my state and anything ive bought from them always and consistently are 7 bowls each 1/8 ( .5 grams a bowl)... Im only getting 9 or 10 bowls out of each Q... I should be getting 14 (2 grams short)... All the time it wasnt just one purchase ... Which sucks because its its decent hemp .. Prices are right .. You just get shorted every time so that price point takes a hit

  • 5
    As I have a chronic

    Posted by Glennis Jackson on Sep 3rd 2020

    As I have a chronic autoimmune disease that causes me to have extreme fatigue, Harle-Tsu is super helpful in being a bit more productive. I would recommend this product especially for those who suffer from chronic fatigue. P.S. I do not have a medical degree.

  • 5
    Love love love this blend.

    Posted by Susan Palmer on Aug 31st 2020

    Love love love this blend. Smokes very easy, great for managing chronic pain, my go-to for easing thrpugh each day.

  • 5
    Loved The Aroma & Flavor,Eased

    Posted by JOSEPH JOHNSON on Aug 27th 2020

    Loved The Aroma & Flavor,Eased My Skeletal Pain and Anxiety Quickly.

  • 5
    plain Janes products are fabulous....so

    Posted by michelle o on Aug 16th 2020

    plain Janes products are fabulous....so glad I found you!

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