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Hawaiian Haze Hemp Flower

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This tropical strain has a floral aroma with notes of citrus fruit. With hints of pineapple this strain delivers a fruity taste. Hawaiian haze is optimal for daytime use.


CBD: 14%

THC: <.3% Delta-9

46 Reviews

  • 5
    Best of both worlds!

    Posted by Nate on Feb 5th 2020

    This is a great flower with the best of both worlds; energy and relaxation. I have a busy day and I also suffer from social anxiety, so for me this is a fantastic strain to have handy. After smoking a bit of this Hawaiian Haze, I feel relaxed and ready to get things done. It has a beautiful tropical aroma with luscious sticky buds that taste as good as they smell. A nice smooth smoke with some great positive vibes.

  • 4
    Pretty & Dank..... BUT....

    Posted by Stef on Feb 5th 2020

    This strain looked beautiful in the photos, and had great reviews so I gave it a try. It was as pretty in person and it was on the website, very dank, and sticky-icky-icky!!! Smoked great but had a harsher flavor than I was expecting. I was a bit disappointed when I started finding seeds in every bud I broke up. Not as effective as I had hoped, just “okay”.

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    Hawaiian Haze

    Posted by Shannon on Feb 2nd 2020

    VERY fragrant, not at all dry, pretty sticky. The site uses words like citrus, pineapple, fruity. I can't say that I noticed any of those, but it does have a very mild taste. CBD at 14%. I felt calm, relaxed, but not so much that I was ready for bed.With neuro pain I was still pretty uncomfortable, but at least I could be still. Sour Tsunami did seem to do a little better. It does mix well with other strains, but I'm not sure I'd purchase this again.

  • 5
    Hawaiian Haze

    Posted by Michael Cash on Jan 22nd 2020

    This, this right here...was goood!

  • 5

    Posted by Quincy Mckizzie on Jan 21st 2020

    Great cbd hemp flowers

  • 5

    Posted by Anthony on Jan 20th 2020

    This stuff smells and tastes amazing. I made a 50/50 blend with HH and blue moon kush. Wow the effects were the best I’ve ever had from hemp flower.

  • 5
    a strain for good vibes

    Posted by Ayanna on Jan 14th 2020

    The taste profile is pineapple and citrusy but light

  • 5

    Posted by Syd on Jan 10th 2020

    I'll start by saying I am very sensitive to substances. Everything is different for everyone, but wow. I love it. I haven't smoked flower with THC in a little over 2 years so maybe I feel ultra sensitive to this feeling.. but this CBD flower blew me away. Not only in its high quality and pricing, but I had a baby j with this strain and I feel fantastic. It feels so effortless to be happy and positive when I have this. And it feels uplifting, for sure great for day time.

  • 4
    Love Hawaiian Haze

    Posted by tiffany holland on Jan 4th 2020

    I have tried a cpl types of Hawaiian Haze this one is very mild, no burn in the back of your throat and very relaxing. It’s one of my go to hemp flower. The buds looked and smelled great. Nothing wrong here! Delivery was fast.

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