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Special Sauce CBD Hemp Buds

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Our Special Sauce CBD hemp flower is hoppy, earthy, and sweet with a hint of cinnamon and orange. This terpene-rich CBD hemp strain has effects tying back to its CBD-rich genetics. Special Sauce CBD hemp flower reaches almost 20% CBD with legally compliant THC levels (<0.3%).

The Special Sauce CBD-rich cannabis strain was crossed with the mysterious strain Early Resin Berry (ERB). The result was the berry aromas, pink stigmas, and small buds of Special Sauce CBD hemp flower.

Growers like Tweedle Farms rave about the terpene content in Special Sauce CBD hemp flower. The Special Sauce CBD flower contains terpenes like myrcene, caryophyllene, pinene, beta-farnesene, and alpha-Humulene. It also boasts a diverse cannabinoid profile of CBD, CBG, and CBCA.

Terpenes are common plant compounds that retain activity in smoke and vapor. Some claimed health benefits have been associated with terpenes. While they are not FDA-approved medicine they may offer support to some health symptoms and are common to plant essential oils.

Interestingly, terpenes are an FDA “generally recognized as safe (GRAS)” product when they come from sources other than marijuana. They are even a common ingredient in many foods. However, Special Sauce’s cannabis genetics may cause it to be confused with federally illegal marijuana. Please remember to act responsibly and bear that in mind when handling our products.


33 Reviews

  • 5
    Special Sauce review

    Posted by Brookelynn on Dec 23rd 2019

    Smokes really nice, very smooth and slightly fruity. This gives you a very calm effect and have even put me to sleep. I would definitely recommend this one for those with high anxiety.

  • 4
    CBD Flower

    Posted by Erica Cook on Dec 14th 2019

    Very nice... not seedy and smokes great.

  • 4
    I ordered this a few months ago.

    Posted by Amanda Ogutu on Dec 6th 2019

    It wasn’t bad. There were a lot of seeds though like a lot, so if that’s something you don’t like then you probably shouldn’t get this strain. Some of the nugs were darker but it wasn’t bad from what I remember . It still had a nice effect.

  • 1
    Special Sauce

    Posted by Richard James on Dec 2nd 2019

    I ordered and 1/8 of the special sauce with the jar. Packaging wise it was on point. Love the jar. That&#039;s where the 1 star come in. As for the contents, that&#039;s another story. The flower wasn&#039;t too dry. About the right amount of moisture. But the smell was a really stale smell, almost musty. I broke some up and notices there were quite a bit of seeds. That&#039;s to be expected. After it was all broke up there was a whopping 35 seeds. In an 1/8. That&#039;s quite alot for such a small quantity. Then the smoke. It burnt my throat a bit. It didn&#039;t taste terrible but after about half a joint I started to notice a chemical/medicinal after taste that stuck around for about an hour. But....I did notice the slight effect that I was looking for. Will definitely not be ordering this product again and in my personal opinion I would not recommend it

  • 3
    Special sauce

    Posted by Bill on Nov 20th 2019

    First order of sauce was great quality. Really on point. This time quality wasnt as good as first time. Sauce alot dryer this time and &quot;stringy&quot; looking buds Not as before. When i first opened the package and cnecked it out there are a couple small popcorn sized buds that look like a different strain. Look, feel and smell are definately different then the rest of the bag.

  • 4
    Really good...... but not the best

    Posted by Chris on Nov 16th 2019

    The buds where beautiful. Its smells strong and smokes great. I gave it only four stars due to effects. I have had stronger sour space candy elsewhere, but I have also had ALOT worse product from that same place. For cost and shipping fast 5 stars. Let it be known this is by far my favorite strain of CBD so I gave it a harsh four stars. Very much worth the buy though and at this price you cant beat it. The moon rocks from plain jane are my all time faves though.

  • 5

    Posted by Daniel on Nov 9th 2019

    Freshest flower ive ever had. Havent tasted something so good in a long time.

  • 4

    Posted by carlos ruelas on Oct 31st 2019

    Good taste.

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Dee on Oct 25th 2019

    Affordable and nighttime use very relaxing and nice size buds you can’t ask for more I have order this at least 3x’s already.. You should definitely give this a try!!!

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