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Hemp Flower

Our hemp flower is plainly the best. We offer a wide variety of CBD rich strains and now we offer CBG hemp flower as well.

All of our flower is grown according to organic methods, using absolutely no unnatural chemicals.

We take pride and stand behind our products. We're certain no one will beat our quality and prices. 

Learn about what CBD hemp flower is and Learn about how our hemp is grown 

Benefits of CBD Hemp Flower

Elektra CBD Hemp Buds

Because the human endocannabinoid system responds positively to cannabidiol (CBD), many CBD users use CBD-rich hemp flower as a daily supplement to promote relaxation, reduce inflammation and joint pain, and help ease chronic anxiety and constant stress. CBD products have also been reported to help with severe panic attacks, constant back pain, migraine and pain relief, and emotional discomfort without causing any harmful side effects.

Our CBD flower strains are a great option for CBD users looking to kick back and relax in CBD paradise. Although our CBD flower contains a low level of THC content, meaning users won't be able to pass a drug test, users will be able to enjoy the entourage effect created by consuming the terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids from the whole cannabis sativa plant. Cannabinoids CBD, CBN, and CBG also interact with different cannabinoid receptors in the nervous system, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of CBD flower.

If you're planning to inhale CBD flower for the first time, try starting with a lower dosage (in grams) and gradually increasing your dosage. Before using CBD flower to treat a medical condition, talk to your healthcare provider.

All-Natural Hemp Products

Our hemp plants are grown according to organic methods and our growers use absolutely no unnatural chemicals, resulting in an only natural product. Our hemp flower contains less than 0.3% THC content, the legal amount of THC found in the cannabis plant under the Farm Bill.

Between CBD tinctures, edibles, CBD oil, CBD capsules, CBD lotion, and cannabis flower, numerous forms of CBD are available on the market. With various stores and so many ways to consume CBD, the biggest challenge for new people using CBD is deciding on a personal favorite form of CBD and a constant supplier.

We take pride in our brand and stand behind our products. Whether you're shopping for a CBD vape, CBD gummies, tinctures, oil, or CBD bud, we're certain no other brand will beat our high-quality hemp and CBD products, fast delivery, and great prices.

Learn how we grow, harvest, and cure our hemp flowers

What is CBD Hemp Flower? And answers to some common questions.