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Hemp PreRolls

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Each preroll contains our smooth, near odorless, all natural hemp. We process our prerolls to remove the "hemp" odor so you can feel comfortable smoking them just about anywhere.

Tightly rolled into a filtered cigarette rice paper, you get the ultimately discreet smoke.

Our hemp presents a calming experience. Perfect for when you need a break, are feeling anxious or are getting ready to sleep.

The 20-count includes 1 package with 20 rolls inside. The 2-count is a smaller package with 2 rolls inside.

For Natural, Unrefined, Unbleached Hemp Paper, choose the "hemp" variety.


Less than .3% THC & Legal in all 50 states


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Each preroll contains 100% Hemp with no additives.



126 Reviews

  • 4

    Posted by Widmaer on Oct 25th 2019

    Okay, I got my order today. I have to say I was very impressed with the packaging. Everything was neat and nice. There were no indication at all of what was inside. This product is being advertised as being odorless, I beg to differ. Though there were no odor from the package, however as soon as I lit up one roll, the entire place smelled like weed. This is not odorless at all or maybe i misinterpret when you guys say odorless. Anyway, that was my one disappointment. I did feel the kick right away, so I guess that's a plus. Or maybe it's this order that was not odorless. Would I say I am satisfied, ya! To some degree but I was expecting something that was undetectable. Not only the odor was there but it was very strong.
    Odorless in the package, smell like a bit of tea even. Soon as you light it up everyone will notice. I had to mop the entire house with bleach and comet to get the smell out. Other than that, I think it's pretty cool. I will buy again if I can be promised that next time the product I will get will be 100%undetectable when lit. Even my neighbor smelled it and I'm not exaggerating. She smelled it and told me to open some windows.

  • 5
    Hemp prerolls

    Posted by Becky on Oct 23rd 2019

    First product I got from Plain Jane was these, the plain white paper prerolls. So glad they're now offering in bigger packs for lesser price.
    I find them effective, and smoking them is a "lighter" experience, for lack of a better descriptive term, than the full-flavor prerolls, I feel like maybe I'm getting more of the CBD into my system because of it since I breathe a little deeper when smoking, even if I'm getting less terpenes as opposed to the full-flavor (my reading online has lead me to believe it's the terpenes that give hemp its skunky smell). But that's what makes this more discrete to take with to work.
    I definitely feel the effects of the CBD, especially once I've gotten halfway down it starts to make me feel floaty and relaxed. So trust me the milligrams of CBD listed must be accurate! They are quite an ashy smoking experience as others have mentioned.
    Almost forgot to mention the first I got their prerolls they burned awfully fast and lost hemp into the box during shipment, I think due to being not packed tightly enough into the roll, but that has been much better now in cartons I've purchased recently.

  • 4
    Hemp prerolls

    Posted by Jon Janosko on Oct 18th 2019

    Everything i was looking for in a cig alternative. Its a great product and will continue to purchase

  • 2
    Was excited for this but when I received product, was disappointed. I was surprised to notice how strong the smell was before I had opened package, even when I had smoked one, odor was strong despite having read these are 'odorless.' I understand th

    Posted by Candice on Oct 16th 2019

    Please improve filter on prerolls and packaging for products.

  • 5
    No hemp odor which makes it very discreet

    Posted by Nariman on Oct 15th 2019

    The prerolls are very discreet for two reasons. They look like cigarettes and don’t smell like hemp or cannabis. They’re also very effective and burn very smoothly.

  • 5
    mild taste. smooth drag. doesn't smell.

    Posted by Chris on Oct 11th 2019

    Calming effects. Doesn't make your mouth smell like tobacco.

  • 5
    Amazing Hemp Pre-Rolls

    Posted by Dylan Temple on Oct 11th 2019

    I love these! First time buyer, they got to me in **2 DAYS** with standard shipping! It was a wonderful experience so far and I'll definitely be ordering this product again. Advice to anyone looking to order this item-- look for coupon codes!

  • 4

    Posted by Michael Waters on Oct 9th 2019

    It helps with relaxation and chilling. Unfortunately it is hard to smoke, as if your using a small straw in a thick milkshack. I just cut the filter back a bit and it's doing its job well. The smell and taste isn't that but a slight cig aroma. Good cause it allows you to smoke in open places.. I would order again.

  • 5
    Works wonders for pain relief!

    Posted by Patrick T. on Oct 8th 2019

    I'm a RBK amputee, and have a TBI and let me say these take the pain right away. Personally I'm not a fan of weed as I don't like to get high, I hate the feeling and it's never really helped for pain anyways. But these let me just say have worked wonders.

    Thank you guys, you have truly changed my life.

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