Menthol Hemp PreRolls

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Menthol Hemp PreRolls contain our smooth, all-natural Oregon hemp. We use hand-selected Elektra, Lifter, and Sour Space Candy CBD hemp flower for the ultimate flavor blend.

These hemp pre-rolls are tightly rolled into a filtered cigarette rice paper. They burn evenly and do not burn up quickly and drop hot ashes like poor quality hemp cigarettes. Each hemp preroll burns for approximately five minutes, so you can take five to relax and give yourself some self-care.

The 2-count includes 1 package with 2 rolls inside. 

Common Questions about Hemp Cigarettes

Will CBD Cigarettes Help Me Quit Tobacco?

Honestly, the research is still out. CBD is showing early indications that it may help with addiction. It is known that CBD lacks the same physically addictive qualities as nicotine. Overall, anyone making strong claims about its effectiveness cannot back them up with science at this time. We do have thousands of customers who use our hemp cigarettes to help them quit. Read more about their experiences in our product reviews.

Do Your Hemp Cigarettes Contain Any Nicotine?

No, our CBD cigarettes are 100% hemp. There are no substitutes, fillers, or additives, only CBD-rich hemp. Some other brands like Heimat Cigarettes do contain nicotine so be sure to check the packaging and details when you shop for CBD cigarettes.

How Much CBD is in Each Hemp Cigarette?

Each one of our hemp cigarettes contains ~72mg of CBD. Our hemp material is 8% CBD and each cigarette approximately weighs 0.9g. There is some natural variance from cigarette to cigarette as we do not process or artificially change the levels of CBD natural found in the hemp.

A good comparison is the Wild Hemp Cigarette line. According to their website, each Wild Hemp Cigarette contains 50mg per hemp cigarette (Updated 2020). For the same price, you'll get nearly 50% more CBD per CBD cigarette compared to the Wild Hemp Hempettes.

59 Reviews

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    i wanted to add...

    Posted by Vennom on Aug 6th 2020

    sorry i couldn't edit my review.. but i also wanted to add that they do burn quickly... took about two minutes to burn... felt like i had to quickly smoke it. Also they are not tightly packed.

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    To cigarettey

    Posted by Vennom on Aug 6th 2020

    alright, i am sad to give this 3 stars, but i felt like i needed to review this for anyone considering this product. I got the 2 pack one, where it comes with 2 cigarette-joints in the box. Got the regular one and the menthol one.... What draws me to these, is the fact that they look just like cigs and i can easily smoke them out in public or even at work. Normally i roll my own cig joints but i dont buy the cig filters, i just buy thick paper tips, so particles often gets in my mouth... which is super annoying. But whatevs. I tried one of these just a bit ago, and gave it a bit to kick in and all, so i can give a helpful review. Firstly, i LOVE the filter tips. I love how smooth it makes the hits and i love that i don't get particles in my mouth. Secondly, i love the discretion with the cigarette design. Third, i like the fact that it comes in 2 pack for $3 so you can test them... And lastly, i like the pain relief and ever so slight buzz i got off of it. (Ever. So. Slight. Lol) Now for the things i don't like, which are kind of a deal breaker for me.... I don't like the the taste or the after taste and i dont like the after smell. It is almost identical smell and taste to a cigarette, which had me question if i actually smoked a cig or if it was hemp lol.... I also didn't like the fact that it made me feel like cigs make me feel, sick... not bad. Just, not good but it did give me some relief. I dont like the after smell, i smell like i just smoked a pack of cigs. So between the smell taste and feeling it gave me, thats enough for me to not buy these again. Also the menthol one, doesn't really have much of a menthol taste. In fact it was more cigarettey than the other, imo. I will be giving the others i have to my friend who smokes both cigs and the green. I hope this was helpful.

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    So I've gotten two cartons

    Posted by Robin Hill on Jul 25th 2020

    So I've gotten two cartons now of the menthol hemp rolls and both times they came to me with no liner on the inside of the pack. So they go stale and I smoke them quickly about a pack to a pack and a half a day so it's not from sitting. Cant get a response from customer service on why the regulars come with a liner to keep them fresh and the menthol dont

  • 5
    I'm trying to quit smoking

    Posted by Becky Robinette on Jul 24th 2020

    I'm trying to quit smoking so I've been replacing a couple cigs a day with these. Problem is I'm gonna need more and they're just to expensive for this poor girl. Quality is top notch. I would definitely recommend this product!!!

  • 2

    Posted by Jessica McLeod on Jul 21st 2020

    Burns too quickly and very uneven. The contents are all over the inside of carton. No menthol taste. Reminds me of old school "reifer". I takes about 2 minutes to smoke because it's just burning away; maybe it's the rice paper they use. I won't be purchasing these again.

  • 4
    love these

    Posted by haley Romero on Jul 19th 2020

    i love the flavor and the time it takes to burn the only downside is that it does burn unevenly but honestly it’s not a big deal, worth it for someone who struggles with anxiety and recently quit smoking cigs !! ❤️

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    Great product! Love it

    Posted by Shannon Herlihy on Jul 17th 2020

    Great product! Love it

  • 5
    The product is exactly as

    Posted by Uness Denniston on Jul 11th 2020

    The product is exactly as listed, shipping was quick, and the packaging was beautiful. Overall, I adore this shop and will be buying from again

  • 5
    Helped me out a lot

    Posted by Bernardo Mendez on Jul 9th 2020

    Helped me out a lot

  • 4
    I love love love this.

    Posted by Emma Scott on Jul 7th 2020

    I love love love this. The only problem is that I’ve noticed that it burns funny sometimes. It’ll boat and the cherry will fall out. It’s caused me to burn myself in the car a couple of times