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Sour Space Candy CBD Hemp Flower

$8.75 - $475.00
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Sour Space Candy CBD hemp flower is a CBD powerhouse topping 20% CBD and less than 0.3% delta-9-THC. This strain also boasts high levels of the anti-inflammatory terpene myrcene. The unique tastes and aromas of Sour Space Candy hemp flower come from its parent strains Sour Tsunami with Early Resin Berry (ERB).

ERB brings in strong sweet berry on top of Sour Tsunami’s fruit and citrus aromas to create the sweet, fruity, and herbal Sour Space Candy hemp strain. Some have compared its aroma to sweet and sour candies.

The dense multicolored buds of Sour Space Candy hemp flower has beautiful tones of purple, green, and orange. The Sour Space Candy hemp strain can contain seeds, but despite that has become wildly popular for its sweet flavors, sticky resinous buds, and high CBD content.

As long as you are consuming responsibly, Sour Space Candy CBD hemp flower is good for relaxing day or night. Reviewers love Sour Space Candy hemp buds for the mellow effects and big flavors.

110 Reviews

  • 5
    Excellent purchase

    Posted by Sierra on Apr 17th 2020

    This was my first time ever buying CBD flower so I wasn’t sure what to expect with the quality or effects. I did some price comparison shopping and Plain Jane was by far the cheapest, which had me concerned for the quality. As soon as I received my order I was extremely pleased with what I got for how little I paid. It came in discreet packaging, in a nice thick jar. The buds are coated in kief and are even a little sticky. I have absolutely no complaints. I tried another company as well that was on the pricier end and the quality just wasn’t there. A few small bowls in my bubbler was enough to both calm me and start feeling GOOD. Since it’s so kief-y you can sprinkle some of that on top and get an even better hit. Can’t wait to repurchase and try some of their other products.

  • 2

    Posted by Justin on Mar 30th 2020

    Really great quality. Nice size buds and a pleasant smell. Affects weren't there however. Still felt high anxiety and pressure.

  • 5

    Posted by Emmanuel on Mar 20th 2020

    Ooh man! I really love this one. One of my favorite so far. I love sticky buds. I definitely would recommend this one. I am still waiting for another order which is Hawaiian Haze that is on the way home. Can’t wait to try it out. Thank you PJ!! Great job and the price in unbeatable.

  • 5
    Sour space candy

    Posted by Dan on Mar 14th 2020

    I agree with Alexa 100% this order I got few days is 99.8% seedless. So sticky u literally have to use soap and hot water to get the fingers unsticky after rollin one.

  • 5
    Great flower! Entirely Affordable Pricing

    Posted by Curtis Dunlap on Mar 6th 2020

    I've purchased this bud locally at a much higher price, so I was a bit skeptical when I purchased Sour Space Candy from Plain Jane at 1/3 of the price I'd been paying. I'm pleased to say that I wasn't disappointed. The hemp wasn't too dry. Upon opening the package I received a very pleasant odor, doubly so when smoking a bit in my pipe, not harsh at all, very soothing. I smoke before bedtime. The quality of my sleep has improved and my dreams have been...intriguing. Some folks have a glass of wine in the evening to unwind from the day, but I much prefer smoking this flower.

  • 5

    Posted by Sara on Mar 4th 2020

    I was so impressed with this hemp. So delicious and so sticky! Definilty a favorite of mine.

  • 5
    Sour space candy

    Posted by Dan on Mar 3rd 2020

    This was the first strain I tried from my friends at pj. Really liked! Tried a few other strains and I have to say for the price and high cbd content, you cant go wrong. Sure there is some tastier strains pj offers but for rheumatoid or joint/muscle pain, this is the best for me so far. Great products great prices.

  • 5

    Posted by alexa on Feb 25th 2020

    This is probably the 4th or 5th time I’ve gotten SSC and I already thought it was amazing but this order I just got the buds are SOOOO sticky, and there’s so many crystals on it and it was more potent than all the others I’ve gotten but before but this batch was absolutely amazing. I haven’t found any seeds in it or any dry bud :)

  • 5

    Posted by Darren on Feb 24th 2020

    This is absolutely beautiful and smell so good and .........,,,,,,,,,,,, Sour space Candy

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