Spec 7 CBD Hemp Strain Light Dep: 15.37% CBD

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Super Chill

Spec7 is a high CBD hemp flower that was bred by Colorado CBD Seed. This hemp strain has smaller dense buds that are generally more tightly trimmed (unlike loosely trimmed strains like Cloud 9). To develop the Spec7 strain, the breeders crossed Blue Cheese with a landrace hemp strain (native or wild hemp strain).


The Spec7 parent strain Blue Cheese is a cross of a Blueberry (indica leaning) male cannabis plant with an original UK Cheese female cannabis plant (UK Cheese is a unique version of Skunk #1). Blue Cheese has flavors of sweet and savory smells of berry and blue cheese that are a bit different from the flavors of Spec7. Both are noted as being relaxing strains for the body and mind.


What makes Spec7 hemp flower unique? That would be its floral aromas and flavors that come from its robust terpene profile. Spec7 contains myrcene, cedrol, and caryophyllene for a soothing, uplifting, and tranquil CBD hemp flower experience.