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Suver Haze CBD Hemp Flower

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With a CBD content of 16%, Suver Haze CBD hemp flower is perfect for nighttime relaxation
These dense, earthy buds are extremely aromatic with floral notes and hints of citrus and pepper.

The Suver Haze hemp strain is cross between high-performance Suver #8 and Early Resin Berry (ERB). Early Resin Berry is a bit of a mystery hemp strain, but Suver #8 has unique origins. It is said to have been bred by crossing Krishna’s Special Sauce with Neville’s Haze.

The terpene profile of Suver Haze includes beta-myrcene, farnesene, beta-caryophyllene. Reviewers say that using Suver Haze CBD hemp flower provides an overall calming and relaxing experience.

Suver Haze is a farm favorite because it is mold-resistant and high yielding. It is also adaptable and can be cultivated in many US climates. While it originated in Oregon, Suver Haze has thrived at hemp farms as far-fetched as South Carolina.

Like many new hemp strains, Suver Haze has been bred out of a cannabis lineage shared with marijuana. This technique creates high CBD levels that could not be achieved through fiber hemp genetics. The resulting CBD hemp flower retains looks, smells, and flavors that are very similar to marijuana. Take caution and be responsible when consuming with this in mind.

16 Reviews

  • 5
    Love love it!

    Posted by Sher Suzanne on Apr 4th 2020

    Holy moly I love this strain! I have smoked weed for years And quit for 8 months because it was making me be way more introverted and depressed turns out it was just the THC. This was the first CBD flower I tried and I’m so so thankful for this website. This is such a nice relaxing strain it has such a nice sweet flavor. Definitely will order again!

  • 5
    Love it!

    Posted by Shannon on Feb 2nd 2020

    Brightly fragrant, I enjoyed the fragrance from the tiny bag, a lot. Not a sticky one, definitely not overly dry, or even brittle. Flavor was brighter than most piney ones, more so on the exhale. Really pleasant. I was properly relaxed and happily chill. Sure made being sick less sucky. Ordered again.

  • 5

    Posted by Oliver White on Jan 4th 2020

    It's very relaxing

  • 3
    It’s ok...

    Posted by Michael on Dec 24th 2019

    Basically, for me...

    The effects are good for a while. But after 2-3 hours I feel like I got hit by a Mack Truck...

    3 stars

  • 3
    Not their best - but decent

    Posted by Daniel Fabiano on Dec 8th 2019

    Out of all the flower I have purchased so far from PJ (nearly 8 varieties) this was the worst so far. It has excess leaf, and the most seeds out of any strain. A lot of extra un-needed weight. It also looked the worst out of all the strains I previously purchased. Still smoked decently.

  • 5
    Killer deal

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 4th 2019

    No complaints at all. Nice headie smell with a tiny bit of gas kick. VERY relaxing and comforting

  • 4
    Great Aroma ~ Large Nuggets

    Posted by Logan Blackwell on Nov 27th 2019

    First Purchase From Plainjane & Gotta Say I L O V E This SuverHaze Great For relaxation & Just On Your Smoke Break. Will Be Buying More! Gotta Love That dank aromatic ☺️

  • 5
    Suver Haze - Relaxing

    Posted by JZ on Nov 23rd 2019

    Relaxing calming effects, great taste and very smooth. Quality Flower - Fast Shipping - Thanks Plain Jane!

  • 3
    Its a vibe

    Posted by Sapphire on Oct 24th 2019

    Really nice. I was chill af. Buds were sticky and dense. Ill buy again.